creating visual art woven into the technology revolution including decentralized crypto art, stereoscopic 3D and the unknown future.

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Curating Crypto – Episode 2
(65 min)
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Coldie: An award winning mixed media artist combining visual art with the latest advancements in technology.

Curating Crypto is a podcast that focuses on the art and culture scene surrounding the crypto world.

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Digital artwork available on ERC-721 digital art asset (Ethereum token)

Sellout - Bitcoin fiat currency artwork Coldie
Decentral Eyes - 3D Portrait Series

I am currently working on a series titled “Decentral Eyes” which is a stereoscopic 3D and digital tokenized series featuring prominent personalities in the blockchain community.

The portraits are created by sourcing 10+ images of the subject and recombining them together to create a new decentralized portrait.

There are physical and digital versions created. Physical prints are stereoscopic and use lenticular 3D technology. This means the image can be seen in 3D without using 3D glasses and the images pops off the flat printed surface. Other versions include anaglyph 3D (red/blue) glasses (Vitalik Buterin)

Digital versions are created as editions as well as variant versions on both and R.A.R.E. Art Labs

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Sellout - Bitcoin fiat currency artwork Coldie
Proof of Work blockchain crypto art
Puertopia - Blockchain Light Up Lenticular Artwork
Ethereum Hackathong Singapore 3D Poster
Dalai Lama Decentralized Portrait crypto artDalai Lama Decentralized Portrait crypto art
Satoshi Nakamoto crypto bitcoin artwork NFT
Andreas Antonopoulos portrait bitcoin artwork
Vitalik Buterin Variant Decentral aEyes Portrait
Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Crypto Art
Crypto blockchain HODL art anaglyph 3d

commercial art:
direction + design

9:30 Club book page spread design
Reddcoin cryptocurrency branding logo design
Cyber Republic 3D animated GIF lenticular flyer
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2019 Poster Design
Elastos Cryptocurrency Design Tradeshow Booth
Artworks Charity Art Gallery Program Guide
LA Weekly Cover Design-Tenacious-D Mustard Typography
Newfilmmaker Los Angeles Poster Design

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