The art I create is not “traditional.” Much of it involves experimental media including stereoscopic 3D, sound-activated lights, 3D glasses, burnt canvas, gel image transfer, gold leafing, and distressed imagery.

There are two styles of stereoscopic 3D I create.
Lenticular – No 3D glasses needed. There is a lens embedded on the print that automatically shows the 3D depth.
– Some lenticular pieces include LED light options (when available. Ask if you dont see it and you want one)

Anaglyph – Requires red/blue 3D glasses. All orders include two pairs of 3D glasses.

Sometimes I offer original anaglyph image transfer artworks on here. If you are interested in purchase original art and you don’t see it on the page, contact me for what I currently have available.

I accept VISA/MC/AMEX as well as crypto currency (Bitcoin / Litecoin). Currently I am only selling to USA customers, but if you live outside of the USA and want to purchase something, contact me.