Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles – 2015

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2015

Role: Art Director / Graphic Design

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles takes place annually at Arclight Hollywood. The festival showcases films that feature Indian filmmakers, cast, and culture. As the Art Director on this project I worked with the Festival Director to direct the creative a visual narrative that spoke to the films being screened. The overall theme that seemed to pop-up throughout the films was “youth culture.” In order to get an authentic feel for the Indian youth culture, I worked with the creative group EKABUYA (India) who provided illustration and design elements to be used throughout the design campaign. This was a great experience for international art direction.

The concept of unity and imagination drove the concept for the key art. The iconic head logo that the festival has used for thirteen years was used prominently and served a double use. It was an instantly recognizable graphic element that the Indian film community would recognize and it also functioned as the head that all the thoughts and youth energy would flow from. Art direction and graphic design with a focus on “youth energy” and imagination.

Elements delivered for this project included:

  • Film guide (32 pages)
  • Poster event signage
  • Flyer
  • Website skin
  • Web ads
  • Print ads
  • Theater projection slides
  • T-shirt
  • Film badges
  • Social media graphics
  • Red carpet step and repeat banner