Crypto Art

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the art world. After centuries of forgeries and the inability to properly keep track of provenance, digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have had an unintended major impact on solving these problems. Blockchain technology has enabled artists to create provable rare and verified ownership rights for digital and physical art. This new medium of art is dubbed “crypto art” because it uses decentralize blockchain ledger technology.

Decentral Eyes 3D Portrait Series

I am currently working on a series titled “Decentral Eyes” which is a stereoscopic 3D and digital tokenized series featuring prominent personalities in the blockchain community.

The portraits are created by sourcing 10+ images of the subject and recombining them together to create a new decentralized portrait.

There are physical and digital versions created. Physical prints are stereoscopic and use lenticular 3D technology. This means the image can be seen in 3D without using 3D glasses and the images pops off the flat printed surface. Other versions include anaglyph 3D (red/blue) glasses (Vitalik Buterin)

Digital versions are created as editions as well as variant versions on both and R.A.R.E. Art Labs

Add to your art collection with
physical and digital art!
All works are signed limited editions,
so don’t snooze.

Tokenized Digital Art

I create digital art that has been tokenized as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) using Ethereum blockchain. By tokenizing digital art, ownership can be verified on the owners digital wallet.

They can be purchased through crypto art marketplaces including Super Rare and R.A.R.E. Art Labs.

Super Rare Artworks

All tokenized digital art on SuperRare is 1/1 and tokenized using the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721 standard.

R.A.R.E. Art Labs Artworks

All tokenized digital art on R.A.R.E Art Labs are muliple tokens and tokenized using the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 standard.

If you would like to learn more about crypto art, tokenized artwork, feel free to reach out to me. I also offer consulting for artists and galleries interstest in tokenizing their artwork.

Sellout - Bitcoin fiat currency artwork Coldie
Proof of Work blockchain crypto art
Puertopia - Blockchain Light Up Lenticular Artwork
Ethereum Hackathong Singapore 3D Poster
Dalai Lama Decentralized Portrait crypto artDalai Lama Decentralized Portrait crypto art
Satoshi Nakamoto crypto bitcoin artwork NFT
Andreas Antonopoulos portrait bitcoin artwork
Vitalik Buterin Variant Decentral aEyes Portrait
Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Crypto Art
Physical Art Gallery

Below are physical art pieces that use two types stereoscpic 3D printing techniques.

  • Lenticular – A stereoscopic 3D image is viewable without using 3D glasses. The physical print has a special plastic lens that merges multiple perspectives angles together so it has the illusion of 3D depth.
  • Anaglyph – Known by some as “vintage 3D” this process uses 3D glasses (red and blue lenses) to create an image with stereoscopic 3D depth.